certified elite ad manager

Bianca McKenzie

Niche or Area of Expertise:

Course creators (yoga/healing/business/spiritual/eco) and e-commerce (fashion/toys/food/home/crystals) My approach to working with clients is collaborative, I do my best work when working closely together with my clients so that both my client and I are across all that I do for my clients.

My preference is to work with course creators who have an offer of at least $997 or e-commerce stores with an average order value of $100 or more and a 2% conversion rate.

Client Results:

Generated 10,033 leads for yoga teacher training, Contributed to 229 sales (out of 280) for an online business program, with 128 sales as a result of retargeting ads. Total launch sales were over $150K, Added 8,545 new leads to the waitlist of an online priestess school, Added over 9,000 new leads to the waitlist of a crystal healing certification program, resulting in a 6 figure launch, Achieved an ROAS of 4.16 for an orgonite e-commerce store, An average ROAS of 12.16 for an online women’s fashion store, 20 sales with an average ROAS of 5.28 in 3 days for a baby & children’s sleep consultant, An average ROAS of 124.62 for an online grocer, Turned $541.32 into $55,572 for an online footwear brand.

Time Zone:

Melbourne, Australia



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